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Greg Henderson
Overall Meat Sales Higher In 2020

Meat sales - both dollar values and volume - were significantly higher in 2020. Those gains, however, came at the expense of a crippled restaurant and food service industry that may take years to recover.

1 week ago
Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Justin Sexten: Looking Forward

Lessons learned from the pandemic marketing year suggest a decision structure built on gathering the most relevant data while minimizing the noise of the uncontrollable.

2 weeks ago
Jennifer Shike
Worker Absenteeism in Packing Plants is No Surprise

When rumors circled a few weeks ago of pork packing plants refusing loads because of diminished capacity from worker absenteeism due to COVID-19, how could anyone really be surprised?

4 weeks ago
John Nalivka
Nalivka: Focusing On The Demand Side of the Equation

While packing plant closure and slow-downs disrupted the beef industry in 2020, demand will become more critical heading into 2021 including consumption at-home, away-from-home, and for export. 

1 month ago
Dennis DiPietre and Lance Mulberry
Think Twice: Fake Meat’s Threat to the U.S. Meat Industry

Few producers in the U.S. even want to consider the fact that alternative proteins (aka “fake meat”) are a threat to their business in the foreseeable future. We want to try to change your mind on that.  

1 month ago
Hannah Thompson-Weeman
What’s Next for Animal Activism in 2021 and What Can We Do About It?

As much as 2020 has shown us being flexible is just as valuable as having plans, I still believe there is merit to taking a moment to reflect on some of the trends we’ve seen and how they may impact us moving forward.

1 month ago
Hughes Abell
Hughes Abell: A Hard-Fought Year

With so many problems to overcome throughout the past year, most are eager to put 2020 behind us. Still, there were tremendous achievements made and even the storm clouds had silver linings that we should not overlook.

1 month ago
John Nalivka
Nalivka: Wild Horse Management And Costs Gone Awry

A judge in eastern Oregon awarded $180,000 in litigation costs to animal rights groups in a wild horse lawsuit. Such management and litigation show the system has gone awry.

1 month ago