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Cloning a Steak

Can meat quality be reverse engineered?

5 years ago
Beef’s New Era

With cheaper corn, cattle prices at record highs and cattle numbers at record lows, nobody doubts the cattle industry is about to enter a rebuilding phase.

7 years ago
U.S. Beef Export's Future is Bright

CattleFax see long-term growth in exports, but record prices could slow some trading partners beef purchases.

7 years ago
cattle feedyard
2013 Outlook: Another Crazy Year Ahead for Cattle

While nobody knows yet what will happen in 2013, here are five areas to keep your eye on.

8 years ago
Out to Pasture: USDA’s Saggy Fence Has to Be Fixed

Steve Cornett says there are two lessons that the cattle industry should have learned during the last couple of years and apparently didn’t.

8 years ago
CFTC Asks USDA for BSE Announcement Timeline

USDA says it is cooperating with a request from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for a timeline of events.

8 years ago
Out to Pasture: What's Wrong with VINs for Cattle?

If every calf, cow and bull had a unique number all stored in a central location like a USDA database, cattle owners, buyers and lenders would all be protected.

9 years ago