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U.S. Cattle Inventory
Cattle Inventory Down Slightly, Calf Crop Down 1%

USDA’s annual Cattle Inventory report released Friday estimated the total U.S. herd on Jan. 1, 2021, at 93.6 million head, about 200,000 head fewer than in 2020.

The pandemic will continue to impact markets
Peel: The 2021 Cattle Market Beginning Slate

Numerous factors are in place that will shape cattle markets for at least the first few months of 2021. The COVID pandemic will continue to limit food service and restaurant demand for beef.

Steers grazing
Derrell Peel: Cattle Numbers Will Be Supportive in 2021

Flow of cattle through feedlots should begin to show more consistent tightening in 2021. The beef cowherd was at a peak in January 2019 and led to a 2019 calf crop that was down 0.7 percent from the 2018 peak calf crop.

COF Up Slightly, Placements Down 9%

Placements in feedlots during November totaled 1.91 million head, 9 percent below 2019. Net placements were 1.85 million head.

Derrell Peel: 2021 Protein Production

Here are forecasts for production, imports, exports and per capita consumption of beef, pork and broiler meat in 2021.

Cattle Producers Grapple With Market Reform

Both mandatory and voluntary plans are offered to encourage market transparency.

Cattle in snow
Derrell Peel: 'We interrupt this La Niña with an early winter storm'

Last week’s early winter storm exposed cattle to cold, wet conditions, but also brought much-needed moisture to the nation’s wheat belt reviving prospects for winter grazing.

Nebraska feedlot
Derrell Peel: Early Winter Storm And Cattle On Feed

A large winter storm is advancing across the central U.S. bringing cold temperatures and some much-needed moisture. Feedlots continued to build inventory during September leading to a record inventory for Oct. 1.