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Weaned calves
Derrell Peel: Fall Feeder Cattle Market Dynamics

Feeder markets are reflecting a mix of influences including seasonal supplies of calves, wheat pasture forage conditions, higher corn prices and volatility in futures markets.

4 days ago
Beef in grocery store
Derrell Peel: The Current State Of Beef Demand

Beef demand has remained remarkably strong since the beginning of the pandemic. Beef demand continues to be challenged with restricted food service, but retail grocery demand remains robust.

1 week ago
Steers on wheat pasture
Derrell Peel: Winter Wheat Grazing Revisited

The early winter storm in late October brought timely and much-needed rain to much of Oklahoma and sharply reduced drought conditions. Feeder cattle prices jumped sharply from the low two weeks ago during the storm.

2 weeks ago
Cattle in snow
Derrell Peel: 'We interrupt this La Niña with an early winter storm'

Last week’s early winter storm exposed cattle to cold, wet conditions, but also brought much-needed moisture to the nation’s wheat belt reviving prospects for winter grazing.

3 weeks ago
Nebraska feedlot
Derrell Peel: Early Winter Storm And Cattle On Feed

A large winter storm is advancing across the central U.S. bringing cold temperatures and some much-needed moisture. Feedlots continued to build inventory during September leading to a record inventory for Oct. 1.

1 month ago
Wheat grazing
Derrell Peel: Forage Conditions Pressure Feeder Cattle Prices

The past 30 days have been the driest on record in parts of Oklahoma, adding to the seasonal price pressure on feeder cattle and cull cows.

1 month ago
Baldie steers
Derrell Peel: Cattle Slaughter Dynamics

There are many dynamics in cattle slaughter markets in the fourth quarter that will determine total slaughter for the year, but an early analysis suggests a 2.5% decline.

1 month ago
Wheat pasture
Derrell Peel: Lack of Moisture Threatens Winter Grazing

Wheat pasture development and growth is likely to slow or even reverse if forecast weather conditions are realized.  This, in turn, may reduce stocker cattle demand in the coming weeks.

1 month ago