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Nevada's Clover Valley Ranch
Rancher’s Risk Management Insurance Sign-up Deadline Nov. 15

Pasture, Rangeland and Forage, or PRF, insurance is a risk policy designed to provide annual protection for farmers and ranchers through USDA. Policies covering 2021 have a signup date of Nov. 21, 2020.

EMPYR Premier Forages
Alta Seeds Introduces EMPYR™ Premier Sorghum Forages

Alta Seeds introduces EMPYR™ Premier Forages, a complete line of forage sorghum, sudangrass and sorghum-sudan hybrids.

Livestock: A Powerful Tool

Managed livestock grazing can help regenerate soils.

Raymond (left) and Raymond Claire (right) of Zimmerman Manufacturing stand with their strip-till machine.
Manure Opens Doors for Family Farm to Expand

To increase their opportunities and preserve legacy, one family tried something all-new.

Colorado ranch
One Million Acre Sustainable Grazing Initiative Launched

At Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone Summit, World Wildlife Fund, the Walmart Foundation, McDonald’s and Cargill announced they will join forces to make improvements to the grasslands of the Northern Great Plains.

Noble Research Institute Celebrates 75th Anniversary

During its anniversary year, the institute will celebrate the importance of the land, recognize farmers and ranchers, and highlight their contributions to the public at large through special campaigns.

Windrow grazing, sometimes called swath grazing, is a management practice that can significantly reduce harvesting and feeding costs.
Windrow Grazing Annual Forages To Extend Grazing Season

Windrow grazing annual forages allows producers to cut the crop at an optimum time for quality and increase harvest efficiency through strip grazing the windrows.

Benefits of Cereals for Pastures

Winter cereal crops such as wheat, rye and triticale produce high-quality forage during the time period that Bermudagrass is dormant. Fall-established cereals can be used to lengthen the grazing season of the pasture.