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Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations

Before bulls are turned out this spring a complete breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) should be conducted by a veterinarian, including a physical examination, reproductive tract examination, and semen evaluation.

Keeping the First Calf Heifers on Track

Heifers conceiving early in their first breeding season will have increased lifetime production and efficiency. It is critical heifers attain enough weight to initiate their first estrous before the onset of breeding.

Cash Cattle Steady to $1 Higher

Cash cattle traded in light to moderate volumes last week, with the strongest prices in the North. Wholesale beef prices continued marching higher as demand continues strong.

Hulett: Lack of Participation Slows Cash

One Kansas packing plant sat idle half the week for maintenance while others were reluctant bidders, leaving feeders with more cattle than available shackle space.

Forage Planning for the Next Year

Drought is significantly worse now than at the same time last year with 63% of the country now in D0-D4 categories. Producers should inventory forage and hay reserves and carefully evaluate forage production potential.

Ranching by the Seat of Your Pants

Oregon rancher Alec Oliver was determined to return to ranching and working from horseback after he was paralyzed in a vehicle accident nearly a decade ago.

Wildfires Can Impact Grasslands

About 70% of North Dakota is in extreme drought (D3 on a scale of D0 to D4). This created a “perfect storm,” with dry vegetation, low humidity, dry soils and wind fueling a high-risk environment for wildfires.

CAB Insider: Looking Ahead to Marketing Spring Calves

Cattle and beef markets have been a flurry of activity since the last CAB Insider with many positive market indicators sending fed cattle and cutout values rapidly higher.