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Keep Parasite Programs Sustainable

You can help delay drug resistance in parasites, as more complex strategies create need for veterinarian oversight.

BMPs for Sustainable Parasite Control

For many years, the biggest questions producers faced in controlling internal parasites related to timing.

Fall Parasite Control Benefits Beef and Dairy Cattle

In Dairy cattle, follow the label for treatments during November and December 

External Parasite Control Reduces Chances of Pinkeye and Anaplasmosis

Anaplasmosis and pinkeye can negatively impact the health, performance, and profit potential of the cattle operation. These control measures can help.

Fly Control Strategies for Beef Cattle

The wet spring has certainly provided favorable breeding conditions for flies. As we progress into the summer it is evident that fly pressure is and will be heavy.

Make Concurrent Deworming a Herd Must-Have

Parasite control should be the cornerstone of your animal health program because parasites negatively impact the overall health and performance of cattle.

Utilize Fecal Egg Count to Determine Deworming Decisions

Routine and continued use of anthelmintics have created resistance in some populations of internal parasites.

Dealing with the Big 4 Parasites in Cattle

Worms, flies, ticks and lice are all costly to beef producers.