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As wild pigs continue to expand out of control in Canada, the risk of wild pigs moving into the U.S. is very real. This is especially true for North Dakota and Montana, but given how mobile feral swine are, the risks are far beyond that, says Ryan Brook of the University of Saskatchewan. 
Canada Fights Back Against Out-of-Control Wild Pig Population

Wild pig populations in Canada continue to expand rapidly and are completely out of control in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. A new tool may help control this invasive species. Here's why you should take note.

4 days ago
Livestock Producers on Level Playing Field Thanks to MOU Between USDA and FDA

USDA announces the finalization of a MOU with FDA outlining responsibilities concerning the regulation of certain animals developed using genetic engineering that are intended for agricultural purposes. 

4 days ago
Feed Sustainability: Moving the Animal Protein Industry Forward

As the animal protein industry continues to find innovative ways to decrease the carbon footprint of animal products, a new resource guide may help move those efforts forward.

5 days ago
Feral Swine Eradication: USDA invests $11.65 Million to Expand Program

A new $11.65-million investment by the USDA will fund 14 projects to help farmers and private landowners trap and control feral swine.

1 week ago
Will China Meat Consumption Rebound in 2021?

Driven by higher estimates for pork, the China total meat import forecasts were revised up for both 2020 and 2021, according to the USDA Livestock and Poultry World Markets and Trade report.

1 week ago
COVID-19 Case Rates in Packing Plants Decline as General Population Rate Soars

Efforts to protect the men and women working to keep Americans’ refrigerators full are working, says Meat Institute president and CEO Julie Anna Potts.

1 week ago
Tyson Plant Mourns Loss of Employee

A worker was recently killed in an accident at the Tyson Foods plant in Sherman, Texas. 

1 week ago
EPA Administrator Nominee Regan Hosts Roundtable with Ag Leaders

EPA Administrator-designate Michael Regan hosted a virtual roundtable with members of the Ag CEO Council and staff, composed of leaders of some of the largest agriculture and farm organizations in the U.S.

2 weeks ago