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CAB Insider: Seasonal Quality Grade Highs Likely Already Posted

With current fed cattle carcass weights 16 lb. lighter than a year ago marbling achievement, on average, is likely to underperform in contrast to the past two years.

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Stolen Semi-Trailer Full of Beef Worth $275,000 Reported in Nebraska

A semi-trailer carrying $275,000 worth of beef from the JBS USA processing plant in Grand Island, Neb. did not make it to its destination, with the company reporting the incident of theft to the police earlier this week.

Mastitis in Beef Cows: What You Need to Know

Although mastitis, an infection of the udder, is often considered a dairy cow problem, the disease may also impact beef producers. Here's what you need to know and look for and how to help protect your herd.

Factors Affecting Calf Prices in 2021-2022 from Superior Livestock Auction Data

An analysis of calf sales through the Superior Livestock Auction by Kansas State University and Merck Animal Health looked at traits of load lots of calves that had impacted sales price.

Farm Grandpas are Simply the Best

I wish grandpas never had to die. Especially the ones that sported bib overalls and rubber boots. I promise you this, the younger generation will reshare your stories and remember your advice long after you are gone.

Getting Started with Rotational Grazing

It’s no secret that rotational grazing is an important practice used by producers to improve the natural resources they have available, but where can you go to get started and what does that first step look like?

What Do Americans Want to See in the 2023 Farm Bill?

A study released by Farm Bureau finds 86% of Americans are concerned about food insecurity, but their trust in farmers remains high at 89%.


John Nalivka
Nalivka: The Environmental End Game

Sound resource management with a drive toward increased production efficiency will support production agriculture well into the future.

Nevil Speer
Speer: Guarding Against Defeatism

A healthy dose of cynicism is said to be a good thing. But that can easily morph into defeatism.  And when that occurs, it’s paralyzing. 

John Ferry
Ferry: Beef Producers Must Share Their Environmental Stories

As full-time environmentalists, ranchers must speak up when it comes to topics like beef’s impact on land water and air. Unless we share our own true stories, others will control the narrative.

Nevil Speer
Critical Thinking Is Paramount (And No, Cows Are NOT Killing The Earth)

An Open Letter to Superintendent Rick Nielsen, Nebo School District (Utah): “Utah school gives kids ‘disgusting’ insects to eat in class for climate assignment on cows killing the Earth.”