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Brad Hulett
Hulett: Packers Manage Easily

Feeders in the South hurried to sell cattle on a Tuesday-steady bid. The early trade made it easy on the Packers who seemed more than willing to take on the inventory at steady money.

1 week ago
Miranda Reiman
Black Ink: Look Back Better

Maybe you’ve got the best set of calves you’ve ever weaned in front of you, but you’re trying to market them with extra information. It’s a new process that feels more cumbersome than your usual methods.

1 week ago
Greg Henderson
Taxing Meat: A Fool’s Errand

Criticism of beef production is rampant worldwide, and a new international report will only further fuel activists who want your business shut down.

3 weeks ago
Marty Smith- NCBA President
Marty Smith: NCBA Will Not Engage With Activists

National Cattlemen's Beef Association president Marty Smith issues a statement about the group declining to participate in two Florida producer meetings.

1 month ago
Greg Hanes CEO Cattlemen's Beef Board
Greg Hanes: Beef Demand Is a Well-Primed Pump

The process of generating beef demand is like a well-primed pump. It provides the beef industry with the means to push our great product into the hands of hungry consumers the world over.

1 month ago
Greg Henderson
California’s Prop 15 Will ‘Punish Farmers and Ranchers’

Californians will vote on Proposition 15, which is billed as tax reform, except neither side can agree on exactly what gets reformed. Farmers and ranchers are rightly wary of the repercussions.

1 month ago
John Nalivka
Nalivka: Moving Ahead With a Futures Contract for the Beef Cutout

Long term financial success for the beef industry will require fostering market approaches that are consistent with the future direction of the industry, says John Nalivka who supports a CME Beef Cutout contract.

1 month ago
Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Justin Sexten: Stuck In The Middle

Whether you are looking to market spring-born calves, yearlings off grass or buying the next turn, everyone is looking to capture the value added by their management.

1 month ago