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Tyson Announces Support for U.S. CattleTrace

Beef industry efforts to develop a voluntary animal traceability system gained significant traction today as Tyson Fresh Meats becomes the first beef processor to invest in membership to U.S. CattleTrace.

Cash Cattle Steady to $1 Higher

Cash cattle traded in light to moderate volumes last week, with the strongest prices in the North. Wholesale beef prices continued marching higher as demand continues strong.

Retail Beef Sales Remain Strong During February

Sales of all food and beverage items during February were 11.8% higher than during February 2020, and the meat department was an above-average performer.

Brazil’s Beef Industry Squeezed By Unemployment

Brazilian producers are getting squeezed as growing meat exports to China boosts cattle prices, yet Brazilian packers struggle with higher costs and financially-strapped domestic consumers.

Greg Henderson
PAUSE Act A Radical Threat To Ranching

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has effectively hung a “welcome” sign out encouraging radical activist groups to make mischief in his state and torment ranchers. The first salvo is called the PAUSE Act.

Profit Tracker: Rallies Boost Cattle, Hog Margins

Cattle and hog feeding operations are in the midst of their most profitable time since before the pandemic began. Cattle margins nearly doubled last week and hog margins were positive for the 10th consecutive week.

Spring Stocker and Feeder Cattle Rally Continues

Demand for spring and summer grazing cattle remains high with prices reflecting good buyer competition. Agricultural Marketing Service reporters called last week’s prices for steers and heifers steady to $4 higher.

Cattle Markets Surge Higher In Spring Rally

The reopening of restaurant and foodservice is driving beef demand to pre-pandemic levels and beyond, spiking wholesale beef prices $20 per cwt. higher this week, and more than $34 per cwt. higher over two weeks.