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John Nalivka
Nalivka: Wild Horse Management And Costs Gone Awry

A judge in eastern Oregon awarded $180,000 in litigation costs to animal rights groups in a wild horse lawsuit. Such management and litigation show the system has gone awry.

1 month ago
Packing plant workers
Nalivka: The Economics of Capacity And Utilization

When a plant increases operational capacity, there is an increase in total industry capacity which in turn has economic ramifications through the cattle cycle as the inventory is expanded or liquidated.

2 months ago
John Nalivka
Nalivka: Moving Ahead With a Futures Contract for the Beef Cutout

Long term financial success for the beef industry will require fostering market approaches that are consistent with the future direction of the industry, says John Nalivka who supports a CME Beef Cutout contract.

2 months ago
Nalivka: Marketing Beef from the Ground Up

It seems as though marketing has always been kept at an arms-length from production agriculture.  Until recently, raising cattle has been well-defined just as the name says – raising cattle. 

4 months ago
Cattle on feed
Nalivka: Price Discovery Reflections

Price discovery - or lack thereof - has been a topic of discussion in the cattle industry for decades.

5 months ago
Cattle on feed
Nalivka: USDA Reports and Market Analysis

Data from USDA's monthly cattle on feed reports and rising feeder cattle prices in July suggest cattle feeders have pen space to fill and the backlog of cattle is now diminishing.

5 months ago
Beef carcasses
Nalivka: Sorting the Complexity of the Beef Market

Since the week of May 16 when the beef cutout hit record highs, the price has fallen 56%. Simultaneously, weekly beef production has increased 29% and carcass weights are averaging 37 pounds more than last year.

5 months ago
Range and pasture represent one-third of the continental U.S.
Nalivka: Large-scale, Vertically Integrated Beef Industry Not Likely!

The U.S. beef industry is a forage-based industry and that one distinction from the pork and poultry industries will hinder any future vertical integration, says John Nalivka.

6 months ago