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Playing to Win: Grid Marketing Opens Door to Premiums

The many moving pieces in grid marketing make it a bit of a chess game, but learning to play opens more opportunity for big wins. Ranchers can target cow herd genetics toward factors driving value in the supply chain.

U.S. Cattle Inventory
Cattle Inventory Down Slightly, Calf Crop Down 1%

USDA’s annual Cattle Inventory report released Friday estimated the total U.S. herd on Jan. 1, 2021, at 93.6 million head, about 200,000 head fewer than in 2020.

Nebraska Feedlot @TLauritsen
Fed Cattle Steady As Futures Hit 11-Month High

Cattle feeders were left on the sidelines as every other cattle/beef market segment saw a price rally. Futures markets set new highs, but cash cattle have not reached $112 for seven months.

Progressive Beef
Progressive Beef and Wendy’s® Advance Partnership

Wendy's announces 15% increase in percentage of beef sourced through Progressive Beef-certified producers in 2020; on track to meet goal of at least 50% this year.

Winter in the feedlot
Fed Cattle Steady, Feeders Mixed in First Week Of New Year

Packers were back to buying cattle for a full slaughter week, but their interest only seemed moderate to most feeders. Prices were mostly steady on moderate demand.

Missouri Prime Beef, Pleasant Hope, MO
Missouri Prime Beef Packers Set To Open

Missouri Prime Beef Packers - a 500-head per day facility - is set to open later this month in Pleasant Hope, Missouri.

Cattle feeding
Methane Emissions Reduced By Novel Feed Ingredient

A two-year large-scale trial in Alberta, Canada has successfully demonstrated that a novel feed ingredient, developed by Royal DSM, can be included in commercial feedlot diets to reduce methane emissions by up to 80%.

Value-Added Premiums $50 Per Head, Data Show

An analysis of Superior Livestock Auction’s summer 2020 video sales finds consistent premiums for weaning and vaccination programs.