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Cattle in a Kansas Feedyard
Fall Rally Continues For Fed Cattle

A fall rally in cash fed cattle markets has added $5 to $6 per cwt. over the past three weeks. Feeder cattle remain in moderate demand, but drought conditions across much of the Great Plains is affecting cattle markets.

1 month ago

Horn flies are a costly nuisance to the U.S. cattle industry. A multi-pronged fly control program can help keep fly populations in check for season-long control.

2 months ago
Cash cattle traded higher
Higher Cash Cattle Prices Continue

Packers were fairly aggressive in their drive to increase their inventory. Cash traded mostly on Thursday, but packers took on additional cattle Friday at steady money.

2 months ago
Reconsidering Rye: A Rotational Hybrid & Feed Option for Livestock

A fourth-generation Minnesota farmer has spent more than two decades seeking an alternative crop. His solution—hybrid rye—offers a low-maintenance small grain that pairs well with livestock & boosts sustainability

2 months ago
CAB Insider: CAB Carcass Cutout Premiums Bolstered

The fed steer and heifer market keeps working toward normalized levels, but at a very slow pace. Last week’s $101/cwt. steer price was roughly a dollar higher than the week prior.  

3 months ago
Beef Marketing Program monitors individual animal performance.
New Program Monitors Individual Animal Performance

Vytelle announces through its GrowSafe business the launch of the Beef Marketing Program to monitor individual animal performance, predict carcass weight and optimally market cattle in the feedlot.

3 months ago
Heavier-finished cattle fatigue easily
Manage Heat Stress and Mobility in Cattle

Here are some ways to help manage stress in cattle during the summer and how to help their caregivers manage their own stress to enable them to be successful.

4 months ago
Beef Alliance Director Outlines Proposed Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program

Mary Soukup, managing director of the Beef Alliance, outlined the details of the proposed plan to AgriTalk’s Chip Flory.

7 months ago