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Cow with lice
Lice Infestations Rise With Mild Winter

In the midst of one of the mildest winters in North Dakota history, many ranchers are faced with lice infestations in herds even though they have treated their cattle.

4 days ago
Angus VNR: Convey Genetic Potential, Reap Rewards

More information can lead to more dollars at sale time. Paul Dykstra, assistant director of supply management and analysis for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, gives tips for marketing commercial feeder calves.

5 days ago
First snow
Selk: A Long, Difficult Calf Delivery Can Have Hidden Costs

Most of the causes that delay the return to cycling activity are centered around nutrition. However, one of the lesser-known causes of a delay to cycling activity is a prolonged, difficult process of calving.

5 days ago
Market steady
Hulett: Cattle Market Holds Steady

Even as last week's prices were steady, it should be noted packers have been buying cattle for several weeks out, which is not behavior that would suggest packers feel that the market is going to be softer.

6 days ago
Dried distiller's grains mixed with corn silage
Higher Feed Prices Pose Problems for Cattlemen

Distillers grains are unique in that the price of this byproduct of ethanol production is usually priced relative to the corn market. However, distillers grains prices have increased in line with protein markets.

6 days ago
Bair Ranch, Montana
ABS Global Partners With Montana's Bair Ranch

ABS Global and The Bair Ranch are collaborating to demonstrate the potential impact of a cow-calf management system utilizing sex-skewed semen and terminal genetics.  

6 days ago
Winter in the feedlot
Fed Cattle Steady, Feeders Mixed in First Week Of New Year

Packers were back to buying cattle for a full slaughter week, but their interest only seemed moderate to most feeders. Prices were mostly steady on moderate demand.

1 week ago
Proper Vaccine Administration Can Boost Consumer Confidence

Beef producers should look for ways to inspire consumer confidence in beef products, and that includes management strategies such as proper vaccine administration.

1 week ago