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Do Imported Rescue Dogs Pose Threat to Livestock Industry?

Each year, several thousand dogs enter the U.S. for resale or adoption. In a recent Hogs on the Hill article, NPPC chief veterinarian Liz Wagstrom wrote that it’s time to sound the alarm on importing rescue dogs.

Peel: Potential Drought Impacts on Cattle Markets

Drought conditions loom as the grazing season begins across the Central Plains. The latest Drought Monitor shows 43% of the U.S. is experiencing some degree of drought, compared with just 24% last year at this time.

Cash Cattle Markets Finally Move Higher

The last six weeks of winter produced a sideways trade in cash cattle with little. The first week of spring saw changing attitudes and packers willing to take on more volume with prices from $1 to $3 higher.

Bayer to Give Away Nearly 900 Acres of Rejuvra® Herbicide to Take Back Land From Cheatgrass

Seven ranchers can win herbicide proven to reduce costs and grow business for the long haul.

Is Solar Energy an Option for Your Farm?

Solar energy falls into the renewable energy category, and its growth has skyrocketed over the last few decades due to lower installation costs and consumer demand for more sustainable energy.

New Calf Care & Quality Assurance Program Launched

The U.S. calf-raising sector now has a program to help ensure optimal calf health and welfare via the Calf Care & Quality Assurance (CCQA) program, the first, collaborative educational tool that provides guidelines.

Resilient Biotics Wins First-Ever Beef Alliance Startup Challenge

Resilient Biotics, a North-Carolina-based startup, has been named the winner of the 2021 Beef Alliance Startup Challenge and has earned a chance to conduct a pilot with a Beef Alliance member company.

Profit Tracker: Cattle in the Red, Hog Rally Continues

Profit margins for cattle and hogs continue trending in opposite directions as feedyard closeouts slipped below breakeven and hog margins saw another boost from higher prices.