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2019 Beef Cutout Ratio Suggests $136 Fed Cattle

If the 2019 ratio between wholesale beef prices and cash fed cattle prices existed today, cash cattle prices would be $136 per cwt. That would amount to an additional $252 for a 1,400-pound fed steer.

Angus VNR: A Focus on the Cow and the Carcass Can Coexist

Kansas rancher Matt Perrier talks about his focus on maternal traits that fits marbling into the equation.

Selection for Maternal Performance

This week we discuss the EPDs to consider when selecting bulls that will be used as rotational sires. A rotational sire is a bull from which daughters will be retained to develop as replacements in our cowherd.

Cash Fed Cattle Rally, Look For More

Feedyards across all regions sold cattle higher last week and are looking to push the market even further this week. Last week sales volumes were called light to moderate with packers chasing a tightening supply.

Hulett: Cash Finds Momentum

Cash cattle prices in all regions saw higher prices for the second consecutive week as packers found tightening supplies of market-ready cattle.

Santa Gertrudis cattle eat at the Tungali feedlot in South Australia.
Peel: Rising Feed Prices Impact Cattle Markets

USDA-NASS released two reports last week that added more fuel to red-hot grain and oilseed markets.  The information about current and future corn markets has significant implications for cattle markets. 

A Brittle Environment

Collins Ranch finds success in a fragile grassland with continued stewardship.

Justin Sexten: Mass Photography

When we consider the influential variables we measure and manage to, weight tops the list as weight-based decisions are at every stage of the beef supply chain, birth to carcass.