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Beartooth Ranch, Montana
Derrell Peel: Update On Cattle Herd Dynamics

Volatility throughout 2020 creates a difficult challenge to assess the current cattle cycle and longer-term herd dynamics. Here's a glimpse of the data a month prior to USDA's annual inventory report.

2 weeks ago
Walmart partners with ranchers in traceability goals.
Supply Chain Synergy

Walmart partners with ranchers in traceability goals.

2 weeks ago
Collecting a forage sample
Forage Analysis Valuable to Develop Winter Feeding Programs

Determining the nutrient content of forages and other feeds through laboratory analysis is the best way to design a nutrition program that meets livestock requirements.

3 weeks ago
Calving kit
Glenn Selk: Prepare A Calving Kit Before Calving Season

Before the hustle and bustle of the spring calving season, now is a good time to put together the supplies and equipment that will be needed to assist heifers and cows that need help at calving time.

3 weeks ago
2020 Rewind: Drovers' Cover Articles

We're recapping this year's most important issues though a look back at the covers of Drovers magazine.

1 week ago
Cattle and hog feeding
Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Slip Into The Red

Industry-wide average cattle feeding closeouts were printed in red ink last week for the first time since late September, while packers saw another significant decline to their margins.

3 weeks ago
Angus VNR: Demand Drivers Bring Opportunity

Current dynamics–with a worldwide pandemic and market disruptions--are an exclamation point on the need for new sources of optimism in the beef market.

3 weeks ago
Steers grazing
Derrell Peel: Cattle Numbers Will Be Supportive in 2021

Flow of cattle through feedlots should begin to show more consistent tightening in 2021. The beef cowherd was at a peak in January 2019 and led to a 2019 calf crop that was down 0.7 percent from the 2018 peak calf crop.

3 weeks ago