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5 Ways to Manage Mycotoxins

The adage that “knowledge is power” is especially true when it comes to understanding mold and mycotoxins. Lon Whitlow, professor emeritus at NC State University, offers five reminders to help livestock producers.

Forage Producers Face High Input Costs, Drought

Higher fertilizer prices and poor precipitation outlook could mean thin margins and little room for error for cattle and forage producers this year.

Tips for Bottle Feeding Calves

No doubt, most cattle producers have had to work out a situation with a calf that is no longer able to nurse its mama. Feeding a bottle multiple times a day can be rigorous at best.

Profit Tracker: Solid Margins For Cattle, Hogs

Cattle and hog feeding both saw solid average profits for the week ending April 2, boosted by higher average farmgate prices. Cattle were positive for the second week, while positive hog margins entered a third month.

Reproductive Management of Cow Herd During Drought

With breeding season approaching, cattle producers must develop or modify management plans in anticipation of a drought to keep the most productive and valuable cows in the herd.

US Beef Industry is the Most Sustainable

Thanks to early adoption of innovative grazing practices combined with advances in cattle breeding and nutrition, U.S. producers have already employed many of the suggested practices the study suggests employing.

Gardiner Angus Ranch Bulls Average $9,402

Gardiner Angus Ranch’s 42nd Spring Sale held Saturday at the ranch near Ashland, Kan., saw a total of 898 head sell to 275 buyers from 30 states, Canada and Mexico.

Pandemic Underscores Beef Demand Trends

It’s been a a long, arduous year since grocery stores and restaurants had their business plans radically changed in just a few days. As they adjusted, one beef industry trend resonated louder: "quality matters."