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Angus VNR: Better Focus, Better Future

Randy Blach says the beef community is balancing supply, demand and harvest capacity, but there is still a lot of profitability potential for cattlemen. That potential lies in the shift from commodity to quality.

1 month ago
Red Angus calves
Auction Markets Earn Red Angus Recognition

Four auction markets were recently recognized for their crucial role in supporting Red Angus producers through tactical marketing and strategic partnerships.

1 month ago
Taking tissue samples
Consider Mineral Deficiencies In Cattle Deaths

Ranchers need to keep in mind that the wrong quantities of minerals can be dangerous or even deadly to cattle, say experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

1 month ago
Derrell Peel: 2021 Protein Production

Here are forecasts for production, imports, exports and per capita consumption of beef, pork and broiler meat in 2021.

1 month ago
Behind the Brand

What makes the Certified Angus Beef brand tick?

1 month ago
Cow Calf
Glenn Selk: Prepare Now For Calving Season

Someone once said “Success occurs when Opportunity meets with Preparation.”  Planning and preparing ahead for next spring’s calving season can help increase your chances of success.

1 month ago
Cow and calf on corn stalks
Cow Fertility, Pregnancy Rate Key Economic Traits

Selling more calves as it relates to cows exposed and cow input costs is a greater indication of business success than any other production parameter.

1 month ago
Grain feeding cows
Texas Cattlemen Face Decisions As Drought Intensifies

Drought conditions and a drier-than-normal winter puts Texas cattle producers in a common dilemma – try to preserve herd size with supplemental feed or cull to stretch limited forage resources for cows and calves.

1 month ago