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Quest for Hybrid Vigor Puts Herefords in Demand

Ranchers are finding advantages in profitability, retained female fertility and longevity when using Hereford bulls in their crossbreeding programs, and many advantages translate into benefits at the feedyard, too.

Grass Tetany and Milk Fever in Spring Calving Cowherds

When calving in early spring with lush pastures we can find mature cows that are in otherwise good condition with unusual behaviors, unsteady gait or inability to rise—early signs of both grass tetany and milk fever.

Spring Fever Settles Over Feeder Markets

Grass is greening up and cattlemen are busy seeking stocker and feeder cattle to turn out for the season. Prices last week saw the influence of that stronger demand.

Genetic Prediction in Beef Cattle and Expected Progeny Differences

EPDs are the result of genetic prediction, based on performance data collected by cattle breeders over many generations of beef production.

Fed Cattle Market Struggles, But Optimism Lies Ahead

Fed cattle prices have not put together any sort of spring rally with cash markets trading in a narrow range for several weeks, but there is considerable optimism beginning in the second quarter of the year.

Cash Cattle Steady To Firm, COF Up 1.6%

Cash cattle markets carried a firmer tone most of the week but hopes for solid price gains were dashed by two days of declining futures prices. USDA's Cattle on Feed report was consistent with trade estimates.

Bull Breeding Soundness Exams Can Put More Profit In Everyone’s Pocket

Drovers and Bovine Veterinarian invite you to attend a free one-hour webinar on how to use breeding soundness exams to ensure adult and yearling bulls are ready for the breeding season.

Jared Wareham: Creating More Buyer Competition

Beyond critical factors such as health, head count, evenness and flesh that always matter, it has become important to review Process Verified Programs and their role in cultivating more value add.