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Feeding Cows Seaweed Could Reduce Cattle Methane Emissions By 82%

Is seaweed the answer in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cattle? New research from UC Davis found adding seaweed into beef cattle’s diets could reduce methane emissions by as much as 82%.

Evaluating Bulls For Breeding Soundness

Make sure your bulls are in good body condition, possessing structural soundness and are able to produce high quality semen ahead of breeding turnout with the females.

National Beef Will Expand Iowa Processing

National Beef Packing Company, LLC, announced plans to increase processing capacity and production at its Iowa Premium facility located in Tama, Iowa. Capacity is expected to be increased to 2,500 head per day.

Red Angus Implements Value-Added Program Updates

Recent updates were announced to the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program to make it more user friendly for producers who are using the program to increase profits.

CAB Insider: CAB Carcass Supplies Set Weekly Records

Federally inspected weekly slaughter totaled 18,000 head fewer than the prior week. That was mainly because one packing plant was dark on Friday and possibly Saturday for cooler cleaning.

Profit Tracker: Cattle Margins Shrink, Hogs Gain

Market hogs sold last week earned an average profit margins nearly four times that of fed steers. That’s mainly due to a rally that has added more than $20 per cwt. to lean hog carcass prices over the past month.

Selection for Calving Ease

Heifers that calve unassisted do a better job of raising that calf, have shorter rebreeding intervals and calf earlier the following year. When calving ease as a priority, several selection tools are available.

Black Ink: Buy Better

The subject of herd improvement is more nuanced than, “Buy better bulls.” Yet, that’s a pretty foundational place start.