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Meat With A Story

A fifth-generation beef company now serving up sustainability.

6 Tips to Prepare Your Herd for Breeding Season

Breeding season is fast approaching, set your herd up for success by focusing on these key areas.

CAB Insider: Largest Q1 Prime Carcass Production Rewarded

Federally inspected weekly slaughter has fallen in the past three weeks 20,000 to 25,000 head below late Feb. and early March levels. Cleaning and plant maintenance is the primary factor for the smaller head counts.

Red Angus Teams With IMI Global

A new arrangement between the Red Angus Association of America and IMI Global will allow cattle producers who take advantage of Red Angus value-added programs to more easily utilize IMI Global verification services.

Selection for Growth and Carcass Merit

After considering traits most economically important to us in our own production and marketing system, bull selection is critical to maximize the genetic potential of future calf crops to perform in those traits.

Profit Tracker: Cattle, Hog Profits Trend Higher

Cash prices for both cattle and hogs advanced last week leaving feeding margins for both species solidly in the black. Hog margins were positive for the eighth consecutive week and cattle climbed out of the red.

Where Premiums Are Earned

Cattlemen joining a March webinar hosted by the Certified Angus Beef ® brand learned how to understand beef carcass value and more while discovering the sources of premiums they earn for their best cattle.

Stocker and Feeder Cattle Ratchet Higher

Calves and stocker cattle sold higher at auctions across the country the last full week of March. Feeder cattle futures rallied to new contract highs and settled up $1.15 to $2.325, with the May contract leading gains.