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Champion Steer, Average Daily Gain in the 2020 American Gelbvieh Foundation Steer Challenge Contest
Fifth Annual Gelbvieh Foundation Carcass Contest Results Released

Results of the fifth annual American Gelbvieh Foundation Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Sire-Identified Carcass Contest have been finalized. Producers from Iowa and Nebraska took home top honors.

1 month ago
Black Ink: The Power of the Pursuit

"Great." It’s a word we throw around casually, but it carries a lot of weight when you stop and think about it.

1 month ago
Cattle feeding
Methane Emissions Reduced By Novel Feed Ingredient

A two-year large-scale trial in Alberta, Canada has successfully demonstrated that a novel feed ingredient, developed by Royal DSM, can be included in commercial feedlot diets to reduce methane emissions by up to 80%.

1 month ago
Red Angus calves
Red Angus Foundation Sponsors Beef-on-Dairy Project

The Red Angus Foundation, Inc. will sponsor a research project to demonstrate that Red Angus genetics can be used to produce fast-growing beef-dairy-cross calves that will excel in the feedlot and on the rail.

1 month ago
Red Reflet Ranch, Wyoming
Tool Helps Develop Custom Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention

NCBA’s Beef Quality Assurance program releases a new Beef Checkoff-funded tool to help cattle farmers and ranchers ensure they are prepared with a custom biosecurity plan.

1 month ago
It’s Time to Vote in the Utility Vehicle Photo Contest!

Voting on Facebook is now open! It will close Sunday, January 3, 2021, at midnight.

1 month ago
AL Ranch, NE
Be Aware of Manganese Deficiency Risks this Winter

Minerals are essential for health and reproductive success, but also support fetal development. We easily overlook minerals and vitamins in gestating cow diets, so now is the time to plan for a strong calving season.

1 month ago
Newborn calf
Most Passive Immunity Occurs in the First Six Hours

Resistance to disease is greatly dependent on antibodies or immunoglobulins. Passive immunity gives temporary protection by transfer of certain immune substances from resistant individuals.

1 month ago