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CAB Insider: Carcass Quality Spreads Widen on Seasonal Demand

In the last CAB Insider, we reported on a rapidly retreating fed cattle market scenario. However, much has changed in the two-week interim.

2 weeks ago
CAB Insider: Select Carcass Value Pressure

The fed cattle price recovery that has been painstakingly built since early September has eroded in an extraordinary decline over the past two weeks. 

1 month ago
CAB INSIDER: Closing the Books on a Rollercoaster Year

Fed cattle prices have steadily increased since the second week in September, adding roughly $7/cwt. to the short-term low at that time. Last week saw early trade mostly at $108 to $109/cwt.

1 month ago
CAB Insider: Prime Roars Back

Last week’s trade featured what cattle feeders hope is a trend reversal, with a $1 to $2/cwt. increase across major feeding regions.

2 months ago
CAB INSIDER: CAB Carcass Specifications Expanded

The brand recently announced two additional carcass spec modifications to further enhance opportunities for stakeholders.

2 months ago
CAB Insider: CAB Tonnage Up, Seasonal Premium Spike Emerges

Seven weeks of slight improvements in fed cattle pricing came to a halt as packers paid $1 to $2/cwt. less for fed cattle last week.

2 months ago
CAB Insider: CAB Carcass Cutout Premiums Bolstered

The fed steer and heifer market keeps working toward normalized levels, but at a very slow pace. Last week’s $101/cwt. steer price was roughly a dollar higher than the week prior.  

3 months ago
CAB Insider: Greater Eligibility Assists CAB Supply

Fed cattle prices have stabilized and improved over the past three weeks with a $2.47/cwt. total increase for fed steers in the 5-area weighted average.

4 months ago