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Legislation Introduced to Support Smaller Meat Lockers in Iowa

Iowa Rep. Chad Ingels joined AgriTalk to talk about House File 787, and how it provides support to build new meat lockers in the state as well as training.

NCBA: Current '50/14' Plan Not the Best Fit for Entire Industry

In a discussion on AgriTalk, Ethan Lane discussed the group’s objections to the plan, and what alternatives could be.

Beef Checkoff Focuses on Building Consumer Trust in Beef in Program Updates

The Beef Checkoff has made several key updates to its programs in in the last few months, with a focus on its mission of building consumer trust in beef production.

Bacon Maintained Star Status During the Pandemic

Demand for protein of all kinds soared, but bacon outpaced it all.

What Technology Would Catch Your Eye If You Won the Lottery?

The latest Drovers Pulse Poll found calf care would take the top priority if cost wasn’t an issue.

Grandin, Mitloehner Serve Up Facts About Animal Ag and Greenhouse Gases

How can livestock production be a part of the solution? Temple Grandin and Frank Mitloehner discussed strides in sustainability and the future at the Online Top Producer Summit and Trust in Food Symposium.

Setting Expectations Smooths the Path for Succession Planning with Off-Farm Heirs

At this year’s Top Producer Online Summit, Rena Striegel shared her key tips to make this transition easier for all involved.

Possibility of Transmission of COVID-19 Via Food Packaging Remains Low, Agencies Underscore

The USDA and FDA have sent out a reminder to trust current science and guidelines from official sources.