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Noble Research Institute Celebrates 75th Anniversary

During its anniversary year, the institute will celebrate the importance of the land, recognize farmers and ranchers, and highlight their contributions to the public at large through special campaigns.

2 months ago
New Episodes of Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast Available

Host Shaye Koester has several new interviews available with stories from industry experts, college students and working ranchers.

2 months ago
New Zealand Suspends Live Cattle Exports Following Ship’s Capsizing

The Gulf Livestock 1 capsized in stormy weather, and only a single crew member has been rescued to date.

2 months ago
More than 40 Crew Missing After Cattle Ship Capsizes Off Japan

The ship, which was carrying nearly 6,000 cattle, capsized in stormy seas.

2 months ago
I’m a Drover: Preserving a Legacy

Ranching has been the Phares’ way of life for eight generations, but development pressure in Florida threatens the industry as a whole. A new podcast aims educate and preserve ranchland in the state.

3 months ago
Rebuilding from Fire: Resiliency Defines this Community

The 2017 Starbuck wildfire devastated rural ranching towns across four states. Three years on, resilience in both the land and people bands this community together.

4 months ago
I’m a Drover: A Farm-to-Fork Calling

A love for people paired with marketing savvy and a passion for genetics are the driving force behind Pilaroc Farms.

5 months ago
AgriTalk: Ranchers Sound Off on Pandemic Response

On Wednesday, Nebraska rancher Casey Schuhmacher and California rancher Jack Lavers talked through the cattle industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruption on AgriTalk’s Farmer Forum.

6 months ago