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Gardiner Angus Ranch 16th Fall Production Sale
Gardiner Angus Ranch Bulls Average $5,706

Gardiner Angus Ranch's 16th Annual Fall Production sale was held Sept. 28, attracting 331 bidder and 163 buyers both online and in-person purchase a total of 667 head of Angus cattle.

John Stika, CAB president
Opportunity For Beef Progress Continues

To those raising beef, this year’s opportunities might look similar to the past. But for those in the business of selling the protein? The horizon looks quite different.

CAB Insider: Prime Roars Back

Last week’s trade featured what cattle feeders hope is a trend reversal, with a $1 to $2/cwt. increase across major feeding regions.

I'm A Drover: 25 Years Strong for Certified Hereford Beef

The brand celebrates a quarter century of success and constant improvement this year.

Langford Cattle Co., Lockhart, Texas
Langford Earns CAB Ambassador Award

Strong foundations of care and deeds imparted to future ranchers and education to non-ranch visitors earned Bodey Langford the 2020 Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) Ambassador Award.

Glenn Selk: Poor Temperament Adversely Affects Profit

Selecting against ill-tempered cattle has always made good sense.  Wild cattle are hard on equipment, people, other cattle, and now we know that they are hard on the bottom line.

Angus VNR: Connecting With Beef Consumers

A consumer-driven beef industry means finding ways to engage and connect to the growing interest in where and how cattle are raised. Meat Scientist Brad Morgan talks about keeping up with the mindset shift.

Cash cattle traded higher
Higher Cash Cattle Prices Continue

Packers were fairly aggressive in their drive to increase their inventory. Cash traded mostly on Thursday, but packers took on additional cattle Friday at steady money.