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Analysis: Watching the Cattle Market After Contracts Hit 4-Month High

Cattle futures closed mostly higher for the third consecutive trading session Friday. According to Pro Farmer, August live cattle settled unchanged, while deferred contracts posted modest price gains Friday.

4 months ago
Grill Could Be “Center of Activity” To Boost Domestic Meat Demand

Even though some Midwestern areas aren’t back to normalcy yet, some analysts believe meat demand will be strong.

5 months ago
Brazil's JBS Being Sued by Labor Prosecutors Over COVID-19 Outbreak

Brazilian labor prosecutors are suing meatpacker JBS SA seeking damages and better work conditions after an outbreak of the novel coronavirus at a meat plant in Ipumirim, in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

6 months ago
Feedlot Producer: Cattle Industry Has Never Been As Bad As Now

CoBank estimates meat supplies at grocery stores could shrink nearly 30% by Memorial Day, leading to prices rising by as much as 20%. Some cattle producers say they are barely hanging on due to futures prices.  

6 months ago
Box Beef Hitting Highs, Cattle Income Remains Low

The latest shock to the industry is the daily boxed beef price. On Thursday, it hit a record of $364.62. That is a jump of $30 over Wednesday, a two-thirds increase from the lows in February.

6 months ago
Hog, Live Cattle Futures Fall on Plant Shutdowns

U.S. hog and live cattle futures eased on Wednesday, with the cash market for the animals weak as processing plants were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, traders said.

7 months ago
Analysis: Analyzing a Complex Cattle Market

The cattle market has been dynamic over the last couple of weeks. Consumers have been hoarding meat due to COVID-19 while the futures and cash prices are not necessarily reflecting it.

7 months ago
Retail Demand Slides, Is There Still Need for Cattle Investigation?

Producers watch to see if retail beef demand will continue its slow decline as consumers’ freezers are now packed with meat. There’s a discussion on market manipulation and if there’s a need for an investigation.

7 months ago