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“Excessive populations deplete scarce food and water resources on the arid rangelands, leading to starvation and dehydration of the horses and burros,” Ethan Lane, NCBA and PLC, told members of the Senate’s Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining.
Public Lands Council To Congress: Federal Wild Horse Control Critical

The current system of managing wild horses and burros on public lands “has been crippled to the point of catastrophic failure," said Ethan Lane, NCBA & Public Lands Council to congressional leaders.

Robert Stephens, a farmer from Abilene, Texas, made attaching a post hole digger to his tractor a one-man job. See how he did it below.
The Best Farmer Ideas From Cattle Producers

The best ideas for the farm are often born out of necessity. We’ve rounded up the best ideas from cattle producers from our media partner Farm Journal’s $100 Ideas contest.

There's more to heifer development than weight or age.
Missouri Beef Researchers Focus on Heifer Fertility and Estrus Cycles

One of the things University of Missouri researchers discovered as they looked at heifer development is the importance of identifying the fertility response of heifers before breeding.

Heifer development isn't just an estimate on age—physical maturity is a major factor in a heifer's first conception success.
Synchronization Success: Heifer Puberty and Timed AI

University of Missouri's David Patterson gives a detailed look at why we must understand the science behind fixed-time and split-time AI protocols for the overall health and performance of our future cow herds.

Keith Blinson, a farmer from Lenoir, N.C., needed a way to keep his electric fence from kinking. Read below his solution.
The Best Farmer Ideas From Cattle Producers, Continued

See more of the best ideas from our media partner Farm Journal’s $100 Ideas contest.

Ron Gill demonstrates challenges and skills in moving cattle.
Stockmanship and Stewardship event in Ames, June 28-29

Cattle producers should make plans to visit Ames, Iowa, for the Midwest Summer Stockmanship & Stewardship experience on June 28-29, 2019.

Will "beefshi" be the next big food trend? The Muffarolletta is a classic New Orleans favorite made with beef salami, olives, capers and cheese rolled up with sushi rice.
Beef Sushi–Foodservice Guide to “Beefshi” Appeals to Millennials

Celebrating International Sushi Day—a new idea for the beef industry. The Foodservice Guide to Beefshi, has 16 recipes for beef sushi or “Beefshi” that can be easily prepared for restaurant or supermarkets.

Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, is a world-renowned consultant for the livestock and meat industries, advising on humane and low-stress handling of livestock.
Nolan Ryan First to Adopt Temple Grandin Responsible Cattle Care Audit

Nolan Ryan Beef is the first adopter of the new Temple Grandin Responsible Cattle Care Program, a certification program developed under the guidance of animal care expert Temple Grandin.