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Wareham's daughters helped him gather and sort cows recently.
Jared Wareham: Are Balanced Trait Genetics a Long-Term Answer?

Genetic progress has helped drive our industry forward and each segment along the value chain has benefited from advancements in genetics. Have we moved the needle enough with regard to total beef system profitability?

Stocker cattle
Genomics for Stockers?

Hide color and breed character are tools currently available to sort stockers, with little information about genetic potential. But is there a role genomics, or DNA, can play for the stocker operator?

Jared Wareham: Beef On Dairy - Part 2

There remains much we won’t know about the formidableness of this segment as far as its potential long-term impact on premium groups of cattle from traditional beef production.

Climate Change Initiatives Compete for Ag Resources

Climate change may or may not become a substantial global initiative. Regardless, we can assume it will reach a point where we can no longer ignore our role and place as stakeholders.

Worrying about Fake Meat is a Waste of Valuable Energy

As we often find out after the fact, energies dedicated to react and repel tactics tend to be wasted. Consumers will ultimately drive demand for any product.

Will Crop Residue Utilization Affect Herd Expansion?

Currently, residue utilization is limited by access and infrastructure. Good fencing around the available biomass resources still in the field tend to be the greatest barrier. If grazing isn’t an option, what then?

The Future of Certified and Verified Beef Products

Marketing beef products that carry certain “guarantees” or assurances regarding quality, production standards and resource management will continue to expand.

Miller and Lux cowboys, Cuyama, Calif., circa. 1908
Jared Wareham: One Dirt Road At A Time

Drovers columnist Jared Wareham answers a question he is often asked: "Have you discovered the best places to ranch in America?"