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Solving Cattle's High Supply a 'Tough Task'

“The market absorbing all of this other meat in the pipeline is going to be a tough task. Given that there is so much cheap pork and chicken out there, there remains some sticker shock at the retail level versus beef," according to Tim Hackbarth of Zaner Ag Hedge.

4 years ago
Beef Packing: The Math of Why It's Different Now

Things are changing in packing plants as fewer cattle are processed in less plants.

4 years ago
Is It Time to Consider Retained Ownership?

It might be a good year to consider retained ownership of calves.

4 years ago
Calf Crop Depends on Bull Management in Breeding Season

Your bulls may already be out earning their keep in your spring-calving herd. However, since so many things can go wrong during a 60 to 90 day breeding season, it is good management to observe them regularly after turn-out to make sure they are still willing and able to do their job.

4 years ago
Misconceptions of Low-stress Handling

Low-stress livestock handling suffers from many common misconceptions, mostly as a consequence of its name. 

4 years ago
Why We Must Think Globally in the Beef Industry

Most folks in agriculture prefer American-made products, though most of us wear, own or perhaps drive some imports.  

4 years ago
Don't Hesitate, Innovate

Staying ahead of the curve is a fundamental element to the survival of most businesses.

4 years ago