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Dried distiller's grains mixed with corn silage
Higher Feed Prices Pose Problems for Cattlemen

Distillers grains are unique in that the price of this byproduct of ethanol production is usually priced relative to the corn market. However, distillers grains prices have increased in line with protein markets.

1 week ago
Collecting a forage sample
Forage Analysis Valuable to Develop Winter Feeding Programs

Determining the nutrient content of forages and other feeds through laboratory analysis is the best way to design a nutrition program that meets livestock requirements.

1 month ago
Cow and calf on corn stalks
Cow Fertility, Pregnancy Rate Key Economic Traits

Selling more calves as it relates to cows exposed and cow input costs is a greater indication of business success than any other production parameter.

1 month ago
Now is the time to make plans for the 2021 grazing season.
Now is Time to Plan for 2021 Grazing Season

Pastures stressed by drought and/or overgrazing this fall more than likely will experience a delay in grazing readiness in 2021, irrelevant of the amount of snow received this winter and rainfall received next spring.

2 months ago
Backgrounding calves
Rising Feed Prices Affect Backgrounding Decisions

As feed prices rise, calf prices tend to trend lower, and ranchers may consider backgrounding calves for a period of time to help get calves through weaning stress and develop immunity through administered vaccines.

2 months ago
The concept of herd immunity is a companion concept to individual immunity.
Herd Immunity An Important Concept For Humans, Animals

The goal of herd immunity is the reduction of infection or disease in a population’s susceptible segment.

4 months ago
Musk Thistle
Fall Good Time to Manage Some Pasture Weeds

Fall is the ideal time to treat many weeds on the noxious thistle list, including musk thistle.

4 months ago
Cyanobacteria bloom
Prevent Cyanobacteria Blooms

Several of cyanobacteria blooms have produced high toxin levels, requiring the issuance of a water advisory for recreationists and resulting in the death of several livestock.

5 months ago