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Backgrounding calves
Rising Feed Prices Affect Backgrounding Decisions

As feed prices rise, calf prices tend to trend lower, and ranchers may consider backgrounding calves for a period of time to help get calves through weaning stress and develop immunity through administered vaccines.

3 weeks ago
The concept of herd immunity is a companion concept to individual immunity.
Herd Immunity An Important Concept For Humans, Animals

The goal of herd immunity is the reduction of infection or disease in a population’s susceptible segment.

2 months ago
Musk Thistle
Fall Good Time to Manage Some Pasture Weeds

Fall is the ideal time to treat many weeds on the noxious thistle list, including musk thistle.

2 months ago
Cyanobacteria bloom
Prevent Cyanobacteria Blooms

Several of cyanobacteria blooms have produced high toxin levels, requiring the issuance of a water advisory for recreationists and resulting in the death of several livestock.

3 months ago
Sweetclover Hay Can be Toxic

Sweetclover can provide good nutrition to cattle because it is high in protein and energy when not mature, but it can become toxic to cattle if fed as hay.

3 months ago
North Dakota hay field
Inventory Forage Supplies Early

Conducting an inventory of your forage supplies now will give your a good idea of possible deficiencies and allow time to develop the best options for the upcoming feeding season.

3 months ago
Calf with pinkeye
Pinkeye Can Be Costly for Cattle Producers

Pinkeye can result in increased labor, the need to purchase antibiotics, decreased weaning weights and lower prices paid for animals with scarred eyes.

4 months ago
Cow-calf pair
Consider Pregnancy Testing Beef Cattle Early

Early pregnancy testing provides a number of benefits, and can be conducted as early as 30 to 45 days after the end of the breeding season through ultrasound, rectal palpation or blood-based pregnancy tests.

4 months ago