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Will Value-added Programs Evolve with the Market?

As we enter a period of bearish cattle prices, I find myself pondering what other changes might be on the horizon. How will our industry evolve and what adaptations will shrewd cattlemen make to keep that competitive edge? Exploring or cultivating options to add value to your calves may be more important than ever.

4 years ago
Electric Fence Roundup: Set Up a Grounding System

The No. 1 failure in the installment of an electric fence system is not properly grounding the energizer. “If you want to get the most out of your charger, then you must install a grounding system—and install it right,” Steve Freeman says.

4 years ago
Electric Fence Roundup: Choose Your Energizer

Whether you’re looking for a permanent fencing solution or want something portable for your grazing system, there are many cost and management benefits to utilizing electric fence. 

4 years ago
W.T. Waggoner Ranch Sells for $725 Million

Billionaire Stan Kroenke has been approved by a Texas court to purchase the historic W.T. Waggoner Ranch.

4 years ago
Monitor Body Condition Scores for Cow Fertility

There is a close connection between nutrition and reproductive efficiency in beef cows. 

4 years ago
The Basics of Cow Herd Nutrition

During the recent Cattlemen’s College at the Cattle Industry Convention a speaker discussed the importance of protein in maintaining cow condition and some basics for determining supplementation levels.

4 years ago
Australia has Beef with Claims Alleging Ties to Chipotle Outbreaks

The Australian beef industry says claims its beef was to blame for damaging foodborne illness outbreaks at Chipotle Mexican Grill are unsubstantiated. 

4 years ago
Dealing with Worms in the Cow Herd

Veterinarians have an opportunity to help clients improve production efficiency and returns with customized parasite control.

4 years ago