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Ready for Breeding
Are Your Cows Ready for Breeding Season?

Don't let drought’s impact may sneak up during breeding season.

OIE to Give U.S. Top BSE Safety Rating

The World Organization for Animal Health is recommending that the U.S. risk classification for BSE be upgraded to negligible risk.

cow with calf
Is the Cowherd Liquidation Pendulum Ready to Swing?

A closer look at USDA's Cattle Inventory report finds some surprises, such as a 9% increase in heifer retention in Texas.

Cargill Plant Closing Will Eventually Restore Balance

Dwindling supplies translated into beef processing overcapacity for the region, so the reduction in processing was bound to happen.

cattle exchange
Website Helping You Trade Cattle

To date, has posted over 1,000 listings, which translates into more than 108,000 head of animals listed.

Editor's Notebook: Will We Rebuild the Cowherd?

There’s interesting speculation about when and how the nation’s cowherd will start rebuilding.

Cattle Market Depends on Rain in 2013

The cattle market still anticipates peak prices for 2013 in nearly every segment of the industry, but it all depends on the weather.

Cattlemen are Forage-focused

With rising feed costs, the cattle industry looks at shifting to a forage-based production system.