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Grandin, Mitloehner Serve Up Facts About Animal Ag and Greenhouse Gases

How can livestock production be a part of the solution? Temple Grandin and Frank Mitloehner discussed strides in sustainability and the future at the Online Top Producer Summit and Trust in Food Symposium.

2021 Trust In Food Symposium to Highlight Trends in Carbon and Climate, Animal Ag and Innovation

Keynote speakers will include iconic thought leaders, such as Dr. Jonathan Foley of Project Drawdown; Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University; Dr. Frank Mitloehner of the University of California-Davis and more.

Bull Breeding Soundness Exams Can Put More Profit In Everyone’s Pocket

Drovers and Bovine Veterinarian invite you to attend a free one-hour webinar March 9 at 7 p.m Central on how to use breeding soundness exams to ensure adult and yearling bulls are ready for the breeding season.

Selk: Re-warming Methods for Cold-stressed Calves

Cows are beginning to calve and some newborns are certain to be cold stressed. Getting those calves back to normal body temperatures as soon as possible will save some calves and increase the vigor of others.

Peel: Winter Storm Impacts Cattle, Cowboys and Markets

A massive and extended winter blast has engulfed the southern plains before spreading across much of the Delta. The storm impacts cattle producers who are struggling to provide water and feed access for cattle. 

Suckling Calves Show Significant Increase From Implants

University studies show suckling calves revealed significant weight gain through strategic implanting compared with nonimplanted cattle. Dr. Gary Sides of Zoetis discusses the latest research and promising results.

Rebecca Poole, Ph.D., performs an ultrasound at the Nutrition and Physiology Center and in the lab at Kleberg Animal and Food Sciences Center.
Calves on the Ground Put Money in the Pocket

Texas A&M study aims to reduce cattle reproduction failures, economic losses.

Is the Livestock Industry Prepared for a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak?

FADs are a constant threat to the livestock industry. The country is more tuned in to this struggle than ever before with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. National Pork Board's Dave Pyburn and NCBA's Ethan Lane discuss why.