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Feeder cattle sold uneven
Cash Fed Cattle Steady To Softer, Feeders Uneven

The Choice beef cutout price has rallied nearly $30 in November while cash fed cattle prices have gained just $5. As a result, packer margins have increased while feeding margins struggle to remain above water.

4 days ago
Identifying the best chickpea crops for cattle feed
Hummus for Cows?

As chickpea production increases around the world, those crops not suitable for human consumption are being recycled into cattle feed as a partial replacement for soybean meal and cereal grains.

6 days ago
Cash prices traded higher
Hulett: Cash Cresting?

Did outside factors or did cash trade cresting at $110 create the sell off Friday?  This week’s cash bids from the packer might be the best answer to that question. 

1 week ago
Dr. Kevin Pond, Paul Engler and Dr. Amjad Abdullat
What 'Transformational' Looks Like

The Engler Foundation gift to West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas, of $1 million a year is just a fraction of the long-lasting and far-reaching amount Paul Engler, chairman of Cactus Feeders, Inc., has provided.

1 week ago
Cattle and hog feeding margins remain positive.
Profit Tracker: Modest Profit Holding Pattern

Closeouts on cattle and hogs marketed last week remain modestly profitable for the sixth consecutive week, according to calculations by Sterling Marketing.

2 weeks ago
Cash cattle moved $1 higher
Hulett: Holiday Cash Upside

Continued support from the board could yield higher cash prices for most producers.  Packers need for higher grading cattle could also help push prices higher in the weeks to come.

2 weeks ago
Rising feed costs
Justin Sexten: Less Is More

Even for those who enjoyed timely summer rains, the marginal economics of the cattle business and rising feed costs continue to cause nearly everyone to search for ways to do more with less.

2 weeks ago
U.S. feedlots will be selected at random.
National Feedlot Health Study Gets Underway In 2021

USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System wants to get the word out now to raise awareness for the study and encourage them to let feedlot owners and operators they work with know about the project.

3 weeks ago