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Nebraska Sandhills
Nalivka: American Sustainability

"The concept of sustainability that will be tested the next few years concerns economic security. Our U.S. public debt has become unsustainable, an issue that must be addressed."

6 months ago
COVID-19 has put higher costs into the system.
Nalivka: Will We See Remarkable Change In The Beef Industry?

Some operational changes made by the packing and processing centers are likely to remain after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, leaving some higher costs in the supply-chain.

6 months ago
Workers at a pork processing facility
Nalivka: Meat Industry Disruption

Plant closings and slowdowns are major symptoms of the meat and poultry industries’ disruption due to COVID-19 and product distribution and livestock production are also critical to a smoothly running supply chain.

7 months ago
How will COVID-19 impact beef demand?
Nalivka: Unprecedented Events

The unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a severe economic downturn and will impact livestock markets going forward.

7 months ago
What impact will coronavirus have?
Nalivka: COVID-19's Impact On Cattle Markets

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed consumer behavior and the U.S. economy. The effects are unprecedented and it is difficult to determine how long the impact will last.

8 months ago
Beef packing plant utilization was 90% during 2019.
Nalivka: Let’s Talk Packer Capacity

Does the beef industry need additional packer slaughter capacity? Recent history suggests cattle prices were highest when packing capacity utilization was lowest, but the answer is complex.

8 months ago
Carcass weights are increasing
Nalivka: Reviewing Carcass Weights

Over the past five years carcasses grading Choice represent 82% of slaughter, and carcass weights are also on a steady trend higher which is a cautionary sign for cattle feeders.

9 months ago
The 2019 calf crop was 1% smaller
Nalivka: USDA’s Recent January 1 Cattle Tally

USDA’s annual Cattle report revealed slightly lower cattle numbers, but the decline was not as large as some analysts expected.

9 months ago