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How will COVID-19 impact beef demand?
Nalivka: Unprecedented Events

The unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a severe economic downturn and will impact livestock markets going forward.

What impact will coronavirus have?
Nalivka: COVID-19's Impact On Cattle Markets

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed consumer behavior and the U.S. economy. The effects are unprecedented and it is difficult to determine how long the impact will last.

Beef packing plant utilization was 90% during 2019.
Nalivka: Let’s Talk Packer Capacity

Does the beef industry need additional packer slaughter capacity? Recent history suggests cattle prices were highest when packing capacity utilization was lowest, but the answer is complex.

Carcass weights are increasing
Nalivka: Reviewing Carcass Weights

Over the past five years carcasses grading Choice represent 82% of slaughter, and carcass weights are also on a steady trend higher which is a cautionary sign for cattle feeders.

The 2019 calf crop was 1% smaller
Nalivka: USDA’s Recent January 1 Cattle Tally

USDA’s annual Cattle report revealed slightly lower cattle numbers, but the decline was not as large as some analysts expected.

The beef industry’s voice must become one
Nalivka: One Voice - Thinking Beef Supply Chain

As a new decade begins, the beef industry’s voice must become one if producers are to benefit from the many opportunities presented today while confronting numerous challenges.

Cows grazing western range
Nalivka: Community Ties Important For Rural America

It is important to maintain our community ties built around agriculture and mining that have been the fabric of rural America.

Projections of the 2020 cattle inventory
Nalivka: The Jan. 1 Cattle Inventory And Getting Beyond 2019

John Nalivka's projections for the 2020 Cattle Inventory show a decline of 1.6%, which, if realized, would be smallest inventory number since 2016.