Risk management workshops underway in Iowa

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With so many factors affecting cattle production, risk management has been a more important tool and will be the topic of discussion at upcoming Iowa Beef Center (IBC) workshops held throughout the state in August and September.

Participants will learn how Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) insurance, forward cash contracts, as well as CME futures and options, can help manage risk and affect their bottom line. The workshops are targeted toward cattle producers, agricultural lenders and other cattle industry stakeholders.

Each location will focus on one of two segments in the cattle industry. The "cow herd” workshop focuses on management and marketing decisions pertaining to calves and stockers. The "feedlot” workshop will allow participants to make management and marketing decisions pertaining to stockers and finished steers.

Work shop locations/dates:

Winterset: Aug. 4, 2008
Castana: Aug 6, 2008
Orange City: Aug. 21, 2008
Dakota City: Aug. 28, 2008
Ruthven: Sept. 3 2008
Bloomfield: Sept. 2008
Keokuk: Sept. 2008

Click here to view the brochure for more details.


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