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New South Carolina Law Bans Lab Grown Protein from Advertising as Meat

South Carolina has passed a new law that keeps protein grown in a laboratory from stem cells as advertising as “meat.”

Duo Pleads Guilty to Kansas-Oklahoma Interstate Cattle Theft

Anthony Francis Whittley and Jasmine A. Boone, both 28, have entered guilty pleas after stealing cattle from Kansas and attempting to sell them across state lines at the Oklahoma National Stockyards Co.

Competition Grows for Alternative Meat

Competition is growing for meat from alternative sources.

Students Raise Cattle For School Project, Serves In Cafeteria

There’s an assignment for its students that lasts year-round to spark interest in agriculture. AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben shows us putting its own flair on the farm to fork movement.

Settlement Talks Under Way Over Missouri Meat-Labeling Law

Settlement discussions are under way over a lawsuit challenging a Missouri measure making it a misdemeanor crime to promote plant-based food products as “meat.”

Flooding Leads to Cattle Rescues Around the Country

Farmers and ranchers from South Dakota to Louisiana have been enduring record rainfall and flooding to care for their cattle.

JBS Probe Nears Completion in Road to Redemption for Meat Giant

Expected to offer evidence of wrongdoings unveiled by Batistas.

Bovine Trichomoniasis Found in South Dakota Beef Cattle Herd

Two bulls in a South Dakota beef cattle herd have tested positive for bovine trichomoniasis, also known as trich, a disease that can be economically devastating to cattle producers.