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Cash cattle rally lifts profits.
Profit Tracker: Feedyard Profits Rise To Triple Digits

Feedyards saw closeouts improve dramatically last week after the cash cattle market posted its third consecutive week of higher prices.

Average feeding margins have turned positive.
Profit Tracker: Rally Boosts Packer Margins

Last week’s $1 increase in cash fed cattle prices did little for feedyard profits, but the $6.40 rally in wholesale beef prices added another $25 onto already large packer margins.

Feedyard losses remain above $100 per head.
Profit Tracker: Packer/Feeder Margin Spread Under $400

The combination of shrinking packer profits and smaller feedyard losses over the past six weeks has reduced the packer/feeder margin spread by 27%, according to the Sterling Beef Profit Tracker.

Feedyard losses exceeded $200 per head last week.
Packer/Feeder Margin Spread Now Exceeds $600 Per Head

Losses continued to grow for feedyards and the spread between feeder losses and packer profits only widened with a $1.50 per cwt. decline in cash cattle prices last week.

Cattle feeders saw average losses exceed triple digits last week.
Spread Grows Between Packer and Feeder Margins

Beef packer continued with a stranglehold on cattle markets last week, buying a few cattle to fill their needs at lower money and keeping operating margins historically high.

Cattle feeding losses continue.
Profit Tracker: Packer Margins Remain Above $450

Beef packers continued to maintain their leverage on cattle markets heading into the holiday-shortened first week of September.

CAB Insider: Supply/Demand Shifts Seasonal Premium

The cash market for fed cattle last week gave some relief to feeders and overall market sentiment in the wake of the prior week’s $5/cwt. decline.

Cattle feeding margins slipped further into the red last week.
Profit Tracker: Feeder Margins Lower, Packer Jackpot

Cattle feeding margins slipped further into the red last week on soft cash prices, while packer margins climbed to extreme heights.