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Cattle feeders saw average losses exceed triple digits last week.
Spread Grows Between Packer and Feeder Margins

Beef packer continued with a stranglehold on cattle markets last week, buying a few cattle to fill their needs at lower money and keeping operating margins historically high.

1 year ago
Cattle feeding losses continue.
Profit Tracker: Packer Margins Remain Above $450

Beef packers continued to maintain their leverage on cattle markets heading into the holiday-shortened first week of September.

1 year ago
CAB Insider: Supply/Demand Shifts Seasonal Premium

The cash market for fed cattle last week gave some relief to feeders and overall market sentiment in the wake of the prior week’s $5/cwt. decline.

1 year ago
Cattle feeding margins slipped further into the red last week.
Profit Tracker: Feeder Margins Lower, Packer Jackpot

Cattle feeding margins slipped further into the red last week on soft cash prices, while packer margins climbed to extreme heights.

1 year ago
Retained Ownership 2019

This year's weather extremes will play a role in the success of calf marketing programs.

1 year ago
Cattle feeding margins declined $37 per head on a $2 retreat in fed cattle prices.
Profit Tracker: Margins Lower On Soft Cash

The Sterling Beef Profit Tracker reports average cattle feeding closeouts were in the black last week, but with little room to spare.

1 year ago
Cattle feeding margins continue to deteriorate.
Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Spiral Downward

Cattle feeding profit margins retreat further with a weaker cash market and limited packer interest.

1 year ago
Cattle feeding margins have eroded to near breakeven levels.
Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Near Breakeven

Last week's $2 per cwt. decline in cash cattle prices left feedyard margins at near breakeven levels.

1 year ago