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Profit Tracker: Eroding Feedlot Margins

Cattle feeding losses increased the week ending April 11, as cash prices fell $6 per cwt. on soft packer demand for market-ready cattle.

Feeding margins declined the week ending March 15
Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Continue Decline

Based on cash sales of $108.77, cattle closeouts lost an average of $90 per head the week ending March 15.

Feeding margins declined last week
Profit Tracker: Feeding Margins Slip Into The Red

Cash cattle prices lost another $2 per cwt. last week, a decline of $7 over two weeks. Coupled with higher input costs on feeder cattle, the decline feedyards with an average $22 per head loss last week.

Feedyard closeouts remain profitable
Profit Tracker: Packer/Feeder Margin Spread Widens

Despite a $2 decline in cash fed cattle prices, feedyard closeouts reported positive mid-winter results while packer margins held firm.

Cattle prices slipped $2
Profit Tracker: Margins Retreat On Lower Prices

Cattle feeders continue to find modest profits on a cash basis despite last week's $2 per cwt. market retreat.

Cattle markets $1 lower
Profit Tracker: Feedyards Remain In The Black

Despite an average $1 decline in cash fed cattle prices last week, cattle feeding margins remained solidly profitable on a cash basis.

Cattle in feedyard
Profit Tracker: Packer/Feeder Margin Spread Flips To Favor Feeders

Cattle feeding profit margins exceeded beef packer margins last week for the first time in more than two years as cash cattle prices have increased 20% since September.

Feedyards saw modest profits last week.
Profit Tracker: Packer Margins Lowest In Five Months

Beef packers saw their margins decline to the lowest level since before the Tyson packing plant fire August 9 as beef cutout prices declined and cash cattle prices increased.