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NE Producers Continue To Rebuild Post Flood after Losing Half of Herd

While some producers near the Elkhorn River in Scribner Nebraska are in the process of cleaning up. AgDay Betsy Jibben heads to Scribner, Nebraska. She talks with Aaron Lange and Angie Lange.

1 year ago
Rancher: “We Are Just Praying for the Best” With Blizzard

The bomb cyclone storm continues to move East. Ranchers are checking cattle in the middle of the night, as more than a foot of snow pelts of the Western Corn Belt.

1 year ago
Western Corn Belt Ranchers In Middle of Spring Blizzard

Ranchers are expecting conditions to worsen on Thursday. AgDay Betsy Jibben has the story with ranchers in South Dakota.

1 year ago
Nebraska producers may receive help from USDA.
USDA Opening 2 Emergency Programs For NE Producers Dealing With Flood

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is taking matters into its own hands, opening two more emergency programs for producers dealing with flooding in Nebraska.

1 year ago
Winter Storm Remains Threat To Producers During Calving Season

The weather is pressuring producers to take action as many of them are in the middle of calving season. AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talks with Mike Finley, a rancher in Sully County, South Dakota.

1 year ago
Cattle need extra feed while they get acclimated to cold temperatures.
Growing Inventory, Poor Weather Could Impact Cattle Market

The climbing cattle inventory and poor feeding conditions this winter are having mixed results on the cattle market.

1 year ago
Winter weather might require cows receive additional protein supplementation to maintain adequate body condition prior to calving.
Braving the Cold When Caring for Cattle This Winter

Cattle are generally doing fine in spite of the winter weather. Their rumens are keeping them warm, said Travis Mulliniks, beef cattle nutritionist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

1 year ago
Take Advantage of Nice Weather in December

These pleasant December days could be put to good use in preparation for the spring calving season.

1 year ago