$51-Million KB Carter Ranch For Sale in Texas

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The iconic KB “Kimbell’s Best” Carter Ranch is for sale, with a $51-million price tag.

The ranch began with B.B. Kimball, who walked across the south from Florida to East Texas in the late 1800s. Legend goes he began selling fish he caught from a local lake. Never short on ambition, Kimbell became the region's most successful and respected business man, earning the title of “cotton king” and became one of the area’s largest landowners.

Located about two hours from Dallas and Houston, the 15,000-acre property includes a private airstrip, oil and gas rights, a family retreat and about 14-miles of Trinity river frontage. The property is currently owned and managed in trust for the benefit of Kay Carter Fortson and her family. Mrs. Fortson and her husband, Ben, serve as Chairman and Executive Vice President of the Kimbell Art Foundation, the governing body of the internationally renowned Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth. Mr. Fortson is also president and CEO of Fortson Oil Company in Fort Worth

The ranch has a 3,500-head cattle herd, with capacity for 10,000 head of stocker cattle. It also integrates nearly 2,000 acres of crop farming.

The ranch offers on-site runway and hangar, tennis courts, seven large lakes, as well as premium hunting and recreational capabilities. The vast terrain is teaming with wildlife, including waterfowl, fish, and even a pair of nesting bald eagles.

The main "Club House" and additional lodgings are comfortable and spacious but not overbuilt. The ranch maintains a conservative decorum and approach in all aspects of its operations and existence, adhering to the true values of simple ranching and family life of its era.

For more details and images, please visit: www.icon.global/kb-carter-ranch.


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