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Cattle going through an auction ring.
Development of Wheat Pasture Could Mute Seasonal Low of Cattle Prices

Winter wheat pasture availability is helping to keep demand high for select stocker cattle weights.

Good Opportunities for Winter Wheat Grazing

There appears to be considerable interest and excitement about winter wheat grazing this year.

Soybeans in Cart
Gulke: Soybeans Offer Technical Signals

Beans were down for the week, off new highs but closing lower than a week ago which gave us some technical signals. That’s important says Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group, here's why. 

winter wheat
U.S. Cold Blast Threatens Winter Wheat, Cattle

Temperatures seen 15 to 25 degrees below normal, NWS says.

Gulke: Markets Disappoint Despite Trump's EPA Reversal

What should have been good news for the grain and oilseed markets ended up having the opposite effect as we ended the week down, sharply down some cases says Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group. 

Flanked by the 1928 schoolhouse, Aaron is the face of Base Vines & Cattle side-stream ventures and Jennifer is the logistical captain.
Farmer Goes Airbnb, Wine, and Weddings

What can a farmer drop in the planter when prices are poor? Aaron Base’s planter has room for wine, wheat, weddings, Airbnb, grass fed beef and a 1928 schoolhouse. Revenue beyond the rows can be crucial to an operation, particularly in lean commodity years, and Base is bucking convention by tapping the vein of side-stream income.

reduced forage due to drought in North Dakota
Historic Drought Hammers Dakotas, Montana

Loss and risk are an assumption in farming; devastation is not. Crops in the Dakotas and Montana are baking on an anvil of severe drought and extreme heat, as growers and ranchers make difficult decisions regarding cattle, corn and wheat.

Late-April snow blanketed this Kansas wheat field ... and a lot others.
Wheat Damage, Livestock Losses Mount After Wild Weekend Weather

Farmers from the mid-South to the Great Plains are counting their losses and making plans to replant after a tumultuous storm brought deadly flooding to double-digit snowfall.