AgriWebb Launches Livestock Management Platform in U.S.


AgriWebb, a ranch management software company serving thousands of livestock producers worldwide,  announces its official launch in the United States. After helping thousands of ranchers across the world, AgriWebb is coming to the U.S. to help ranchers across the country leverage their data more effectively to increase on-ranch productivity, sustainability, and efficiency.

Based in Denver, CO, the AgriWebb team has been working with ranchers and strategic partners across the U.S. since early 2020 to ensure the product meets the needs of livestock producers.

AgriWebb is transforming the industry by replacing handwritten notebooks. Instead of manually collecting, organizing, and analyzing data through pen and paper, ranchers can input records into their mobile devices both online and offline, providing access to real-time insights. With all this data at their fingertips, AgriWebb allows ranchers to make better decisions around stocking rates, feed costs, gross margins, and more.

Globally, users of AgriWebb report increased annual output productivity on average of 7.5% per year as measured by contributions from livestock weight gains, fertility, and data-driven decision making. This equates to saving individual ranchers around $50,000 and over 204 hours on average per year.

“Our mission at AgriWebb has always been to improve the lives of ranchers, large and small, through technology. We've seen the impact our technology can have with over 5,000 ranchers using it and are excited to now empower American ranchers to leverage their data to grow their businesses profitably and sustainably,” says Kevin Baum, CEO & Co-founder of AgriWebb.

“The modern livestock industry is much more complex than generations prior; What was once manageable with notebooks now demands more information,” says Travis Maddock, President of Dakota Global Consulting and a fifth-generation rancher in North Dakota. “AgriWebb provides real-time analysis so that ranchers can adapt to the ever-changing market design and increase productivity, traceability, and sustainability."

In January 2021, AgriWebb announced it had raised $23 million in a Series B funding round, to accelerate its global expansion, with an emphasis on the U.S. Founded in Australia in 2014, AgriWebb is used by ranchers around the world with over 14 million animals supported by a team of 55 in Sydney, London, and now Denver along with “boots on the ground” in South Africa, Brazil and Ireland.


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