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Feedyards, Packers Disrupted By Weather and Energy Shortage

A winter storm and the coldest temperatures in decades has created another crisis for cattle feeders and beef packers. Rolling power outages and natural gas shortages at feedyards has hampered efforts to feed cattle.

Western States Unite to Keep Feral Pigs from Crossing U.S.-Canada Border

Invasive species councils in Montana and Washington are serious about preventing Canadian feral pigs from crossing into the western United States. 

Election 2020
Election Guide: What The Election Means for Farmers and Ranchers

Who will lead the house ag committee? Is a split government good for agriculture? Get the latest election coverage here.

New H2A Wage Rule Ensures More Stability for Farmers

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue praised the Department of Labor’s new H2A Wage Rule that updates the methodology for determining the annual Adverse Effect Wage Rates in the H-2A visa program.

5 Things to Consider Before You Add Solar Modules to Your Farm

Investing in solar modules to provide power to your farm is a big investment and one you shouldn’t rush into, says Dan Erickson of Triple E Farms near Altona, Ill.