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Newborn calf
Selk: Calving Assistance During And After Stage II

Despite our best efforts at bull selection and heifer development, cows or heifers occasionally need assistance at calving time. Here are recommendations on when to provide calving assistance for cows and heifers.

Colostrum provides passive immunity
Selk: Passive Immunity And Long-term Health Of Calves

The most likely candidates for “inadequate” passive immunity are calves born to first calf two-year-old heifers. Calves with inadequate passive immunity remain at higher risk to illness prior to weaning.

Newborn calf
Most Passive Immunity Occurs in the First Six Hours

Resistance to disease is greatly dependent on antibodies or immunoglobulins. Passive immunity gives temporary protection by transfer of certain immune substances from resistant individuals.

KSU calves
Invest Time Into Caring For Calves

It is important for cattle producers to take the time to observe newly weaned calves for the early stages of illness.

Angus VNR: Prevention and Preparation Pay

Ensuring calf health from day one spells success later – in performance and quality. Zoetis veterinarian Mark Alley shares why it's important to have a prevention and treatment plan ready.

Glenn Selk: Prolonged Labor Affects Post-Calving Re-Breeding

Providing assistance to cows or first calf heifers generally concentrates on the survival and health of the calf. However, calving difficulty resulting in prolonged labor can have adverse effects on the cow as well. 

Glenn Selk: Helping A Newborn Calf Breathe

It is imperative that the newborn calf begins to breathe as soon as possible. To stimulate the initiation of the respiratory process, here are a few ideas that may help.

Glenn Selk: Why 45-Day Weaning Is Important

If you are targeting selling your calves during one of this fall's value-added or preconditioned sales, be mindful some of the required weaning dates are only days away.