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Even with better vaccines and more information, BRD remains the most economically important disease to the beef industry.
A Good Start for New Cattle

Starting calves can be as much art as science, which explains why some stocker operators and feedlots have more success than others. 

3 years ago
Hemp for Cows? Colorado Approves Hemp-animal Feed Study

Colorado livestock could be eating hemp under a bill that passed the state Senate Tuesday.

3 years ago
Intensively Fed Calves Need Transition Help

Calves fed high levels of liquid nutrients in their first weeks of life are ahead of their limit-fed counterparts in many ways. But University of Florida assistant professor of animal science Emily Miller-Cushon says th

3 years ago
A load of Skittles spilled on a rural highway in Wisconsin and it had people wondering where they were headed. The answer: to feed cattle.
Mars: "Miscommunication" Led to Skittles Spill

Mars says a miscommunication with a subcontractor led to a defective batch of its Skittles, reportedly on their way to becoming cattle feed, ending up scattered across a highway.

3 years ago
Profit Tip: Understanding A Forage Analysis

More economical and better balanced diets can be formulated using nutrient concentrations determined from feed analysis.

3 years ago
Adaptive Grazing Pays Dividends

At the root of raising beef are truly the roots that provide nutrients through grazing to cattle.

3 years ago
Winter Ration Considerations for Beef Cows

The majority of feed costs are from feeding cows during the winter season when most grasses are dormant.

3 years ago
Time to Begin Early Evening Feeding of Cows

Cow-calf producers who ensure adequate supervision at calving can have a significant effect on reducing calf mortality, always important but increasingly so with the higher price of live calves at sale time.

3 years ago