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Red Angus
Red Angus Releases New Index to Identify Profitability

The Red Angus Association of America released an updated suite of bio-economic selection indexes, including the Profitability and Sustainability index, abbreviated ProS, that covers economically relevant traits.

2 weeks ago
Andrew Curtis (right), doctoral research assistant works in the laboratory with Hans Coetzee (left), professor and head of the anatomy and physiology department.
A Good Time To Check For Anaplasmosis

Late fall is a good time to start evaluating the disease status in cattle.

3 weeks ago
Volatile Cattle Markets Call For More Diligent Disease Management

Volatile cattle prices and decreased margins make managing bovine respiratory disease imperative to protecting the profitability of stocker operations.

1 month ago
Benefits of Cereals for Pastures

Winter cereal crops such as wheat, rye and triticale produce high-quality forage during the time period that Bermudagrass is dormant. Fall-established cereals can be used to lengthen the grazing season of the pasture.

3 months ago
Fine-Tuned Engines

Beneath the hide, minerals act behind the scenes to maintain general function–from reproduction to marbling and everything in between.

3 months ago
The 'Positive Associative Effect' of High Protein Supplements

The protein requirements for growth, milk production, and body weight maintenance of beef cattle do not decrease as the “dog days of summer” arrive.

3 months ago
BQA cattle handling
BQA Earns Compliance With International Animal Welfare Standards

The Checkoff-funded National Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program, managed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), is now recognized as an industry-leading animal welfare program.

4 months ago
Farm Journal Live
Farm Journal Live: Something Smells About Burger King's Latest Ad

Today on Farm Journal Live: Environmental expert Dr. Frank Mitloehner takes issue with Burger King's latest commercial and Tom Downs of WeatherBell will have a look at the return of hot weather.

4 months ago