Gardiner Angus Ranch 15th Fall Bull Sale

(Wyatt Bechtel)

Gardiner Angus Ranch’s 15th annual fall bull sale held Sept. 30, 2019, at the ranch near Ashland, Kan., saw 515 lots sell for an average of $3,664 for a sale gross total of $3,041,150. 

A total of 364 bulls sold for an average of $5,462. The 271 20-month-old bulls averaged $5,606, and the 93 17-month-old bulls averaged $5,043.

The high selling bull was Lot 9, GAR Cache 5108S. His sire, Gardens Cache, offers an outcross pedigree, moderate birth, elite marbling and abundant ribeye. 5108S combines the outcross possibilities of Cache with one of the most proven sires in modern Angus history, GAR Prophet. Theo Costas, TPC Angus, Richland, Miss., paid $32,000 to own this promising young sire. Randall Grimmius, Grimmius Cattle, Hanford, Calif. paid $25,000 to own Lot 1, GAR Sure Fire E938, an exceptional calving ease, high value composition of growth and marbling. TPC Angus selected another outstanding Sure Fire son, Lot 26, GAR Sure Fire 6018S, paying $20,000. 6018S, like many Sure Fire sons, is a +13 CED, top 1% marbling, $B, $C and top 5% Method Genetics ROI.

Online bidder Jason Faria, FB Genetics, Dumas, Texas, purchased Lot 5, GAR Sure Fire E28, for $16,000. Three bulls sold in the $15,000 range. FB Genetics purchased Lots 12 and 35, and Grimmius Cattle purchased Lot 16. Select Sires, Plain City, Ohio, chose Lot 20, GAR Sure Fire E58 as one of the young sires destined for a special international project and paid $14,500. Repeat progressive commercial cow-calf customer, JLB Ranch, Douglass, Kansas, added Lot 2, GAR Sure Fire 5478S to their herd sire battery with a winning bid of $13,000. 5478S is a powerful Sure Fire son that is a top 1% for marbling, $B, $C and a Method Genetics trifecta of 1% for MPI, QPI and ROI.

Four bulls, Lots 44, 89, 101 and 102 sold for $12,500 each to JLB Ranch; Shawn Brett Sagrera, Ethel, La.; Lyman Marion Ramsay, Grand Bay, Ala.; and Ross Humphreys, San Rafael Cattle Co., Tucson, Ariz., respectively. Three more 20-month-old bulls sold in the $12,000 range. Lots 22, 45 and 66 sold to JLB Ranch, San Rafael Ranch and FB Genetics, respectively.

The female portion of the auction represented all of the registered cows and heifers scheduled to calve next spring and represent the most current genetics at GAR. The high selling female was a powerful Momentum daughter, Lot 408, GAR Momentum 188S. She is a top 1% for WW, YW, top 2% for marbling and REA and top 1% for $B and $C and purchased by the team of Steve Judy, Four Sons Farm, Cynthiana, Ky., and Luke Mason, Livingston, Tenn., for $35,000. Darin Meyer, De Su Angus, New Albin, Iowa, chose Lot 411, GAR Sure Fire F688, a donor quality female that ranks in the top 1% for $B, $C, QPI, ROI and marbling and had the winning bid of $25,000. Repeat buyer, TPC Angus, added an impressive Sure Fire daughter with the purchase of Lot 410, paying $24,000. The Sure Fire daughters were in high demand throughout the sale. Russell Schilling, Farwell, Texas, selected Lot 409, GAR Sure Fire F588, and paid $23,000 to own her.

Two impressive Cache daughters, Lots 426 and 427, sold to TPC Angus for $9,000 each. TPC continued to add to their solid purchases with the winning bid of $8,500 for Lot 433, GAR Proactive X138; $8,000 for Lot 413, GAR Sire Fire F318; and $7,500 for Lot 417, GAR Sure Fire 688S.

Two bred registered heifers, Lots 412 and 430, sold for $7,000 each to Richie Longanecker, Big Timber Cattle Co., Lithia, Fla. and Doug Peterson, Peterson Prime Angus Ranch, New Boston, Mo.

Three bred registered heifers sold for $6,000 each. Lots 414, 416 and 441 sold to Big Timber Cattle Co.; Doug Gerber, Gerber Land & Cattle, Richmond, Ind.; and Peterson Prime Angus Ranch, respectively.
At the end of the rapid-fire, 15th Annual Fall Bull Sale, 129 buyers from 24 states purchased 830 head of Gardiner Angus Ranch registered bulls and registered and commercial females.

Volume Buyers—Bulls: Dr. John Mazoch, Bueche, La.; Kaare Remme, McCoy Ranch, San Marcos, Texas; Bert Williamson, S&J Ranch, Iowa Park, Texas; Steven Mafrige, Y Bar Ranch, Tilden, Texas; Michael Mertz, Mertz 09 Ranch, El Dorado, Texas; Jason Faria, FB Genetics, Dumas, Texas; Tim Thatcher, Thatcher Land & Cattle, Pueblo, Colo.; JLB Ranch, Jim Bosler, Douglass, Kansas; Matt Murphy, Livingston, Texas; Joe Austin, Cienega Ranch, Willcox, Ariz.; Choctaw Nation, Durant, Okla.; Joe Howard & Bobbie Williamson, Switch House Ranch, Wichita Falls, Texas; Ruth Lowrance, Truscott, Texas.

Volume Buyers—Registered Females: Theo Costas, TPC Angus; Richland, Miss.; Fred Harrison, Medora, Ind.; Scott Jones, Willow Creek Farm, Melvern, Kansas; Charles Jordan, Cedar Grove Cattle, Natchez, Miss.; Mark & Mary Kaltenbach, Ashland, Kansas; Richie Longanecker, Big Timber Cattle Co., Lithia, Fla.; Elaine and Brendan Martin, Mount Solon, Va.; Doug Peterson, Peterson Prime Angus Ranch, New Boston, Mo.; Aaron Sachs, Sachs Farms, Springfield, Mo.; Mayer Ranch, Guymon, Okla.; Michael Ross, Navasota, Texas.

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Mike Gibson, Gibson Ranch, Paducah, Texas; Joe Porter, Porter 5 Farms, Little River, Kan.; David Oakman, Waurika, Okla.; Cody Noble, Sea Cattle Co., Ardmore, Okla.; Jesse Luckie, Snake Creek Ranch, Ashland, Kan.; Jon Buller, Ringwood, Okla.

Sale Total & Averages 
Registered Bulls

Total Lots Category Gross Average
271 20 Mo. old bulls $1,519,250 $5,606
93 17 Mo. old bulls $469,000 $5,043
363 Total bulls $1,988,250 $5,462

Registered Females

Total Lots Category Gross Average
18 Bred registered cows $45,750 $2,524
105 Bred registered heifers $412,500 $3,929
123 Total registered females $458,250 $3,726
487 head Total registered lots $2,466,500 $5,023

Commercial Females

Total Lots Category Gross Average
12 Bred commercial cows $19,800 $1,650
246 Bred commercial heifers $439,100 $1,785
2 Load Lots bred commercial heifers $135,750 $1,597
515 Total lots 830 head $3,041,150 $3,664

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