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Equine asthma can flare up as a result of allergies, especially during the fall.
Fall Allergies Can Trigger Horses’ Asthma

An increase in horses showing signs of equine asthma during crop harvest season is possible as horses pastured near fields may be exposed to dust when crops are harvested.

Cash Cattle Slide Backwards

Packers took on more inventory last week, which allows them to sit out and leverage the extra volume to push the market lower with potential extended delivery periods.

Kansas State University veterinary researchers Hans Coetzee, left, and Michael Kleinhenz are studying the safety of using industrial hemp in feed for cattle.
K-State Research Analyzes Industrial Hemp As Cattle Feed

A pair of studies at Kansas State University is bringing new insight to farmers and producers seeking to incorporate industrial hemp in cattle feed.

Cattle grazing
Justin Sexten: Wearables?

As technology advances the range of sensor applications will continue to expand as will the duration of data collection.

Feedlot steers
Top Dollar Angus Seeks New General Manager

Top Dollar Angus seeks a knowledgeable, passionate and hardworking leader to assist in further expanding its seedstock partnership and feeder cattle programs.

Avoiding psychological pressure in stressful situations leads to more effective vaccine treatment.
Use Your Senses When Handling Cattle

Stepping into a cattle pen, we naturally act the predator, manipulating where animals go. But good handling practices should turn us into leaders, says Kip Lukasiewicz.

Cash cattle traded lower
Fast Opening to Market Drives Cash Lower

Cash cattle trading started early last week as cattle feeders in Texas began on Monday by accepting cash bids a dollar lower.

Cattle prices higher again
Cash Is Close to Peaking

Cattle feeders are anticipating that the current run up in the cash market may have hit the peak and could plateau before long.