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Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Justin Sexten: Stuck In The Middle

Whether you are looking to market spring-born calves, yearlings off grass or buying the next turn, everyone is looking to capture the value added by their management.

1 month ago
Cattle grazing
Justin Sexten: Wearables?

As technology advances the range of sensor applications will continue to expand as will the duration of data collection.

2 months ago
Justin Sexten: You Are How You Eat?

As technology advances, our ability to monitor behavior in a normal feeding environment will help determine if efficiency causes the behavior or the behavior makes cattle more efficient.

3 months ago
Technology may soon be used for grazing decisions
Justin Sexten: Remote Control Grazing Management

Cattlemen may someday use technology such as drones to digitize pasture management addressing variable pasture conditions and labor needed to develop actionable data-driven grazing management plans.

4 months ago
Steer with RFID tag
Justin Sexten: Technology’s Role in Traceability

The advancements in technology and handling of data privacy we are currently witnessing provide a useful structure to look at options for a traceable beef product.

6 months ago
Waiting on the feed truck
Justin Sexten: Alternative Feeding Value

For technology to have value, it must be predictive in both the sick and healthy to minimize treating healthy calves and find those sick calves early.

7 months ago
Luck is a poor business model.
Justin Sexten: The Value Of Options

As many operations look to navigate the challenges imposed by Covid-19, it seems timely to consider the value of a system built around optionality.

8 months ago
Technology can help prevent treating cattle that are not ill.
Justin Sexten: Unseen Costs, Clear Opportunities

We often consider the saving or revenue opportunity from technology, but this data reveal where the unexpected opportunity lies in the middle, preventing unnecessary treatment or finding calves we didn’t know were ill.

9 months ago